Lasik Surgery Procedure – Five Things NOT to Do After Lasik Eye Surgery

People relying on glasses or contact lenses want Lasik surgery for several reasons: For example, for those who work in a very active environment, it is a huge benefit not to wear these “unnecessary” and “disturbing” tools.

First of all, before choosing to undergo the operation, your eye practitioner is deemed to have done an absolute eye exam.

He should also know all about your previous eye conditions as this information is important to determine your eligibility to the surgery.

You can Imagine a Life Without the Need to Wear Glasses and it is only possible with the help of LASIK eye surgery.


Avoid Driving After Surgery

The Lasik specialist will inform you that it is prohibited to drive your car quickly after the surgery.

The length of this period normally depends on the restorative time of your eyes. Some patients are asked to resume driving at least two days after the surgery and this is not for a long distance.

For those having night vision difficulties, they should surely reduce their nighttime driving for some days after the surgery.


For those having a high sensibility to light, they are well advised to wear sunglasses when driving during daytime.

Post Meeting With Your Eye Specialist

Another thing you should not do is to completely forget your post-operative meeting with your eye care expert. If you are looking forĀ Laser Eye Surgery Procedure by a professional and well

If you are looking forĀ Laser Eye Surgery Procedure by a professional and well-experienced surgeon you can search it online.

These meetings are intended to make sure that the restorative process is going well and they are supposed to take place one week, one month or up to three months after the surgery procedure.

Of course, you should book these agreements before the actual operation is supposed to take place. These meetings are important for the healing process.

Eye on a blue background (shallow DoF)

Avoid Use of Makeups

Another common mistake is the usage of make-up. Any make-up is completely not recommended. These include lipstick and facial lotions.

You are also asked not to wear any make-up for at least three days before or after the day of the eye procedure.

Some Lasik doctors will even advise you not to use make-up two days after the surgery. Of course, after that period you may continue using makeup but not those that are used to your eyes.

Protect your eyes

Your surgeon will also advise you not to touch and move your eyes for any reason except eye drops.


It is surely forbidden to use anything that is to enter the eye area. Some patients will even receive eye shields to cover their eyes when they are relaxing.

These covers are designed to avoid any rubbing or poking when sleeping. You can raise the risk of disease by touching your eyes. These can slow or even damage the healing process.

Avoid Exercises

You should not exercise less than two days after the Lasik surgery. When you will resume these sporting activities you should be very careful.You can head over here to know more about the LASIK surgery.


Indoor activities are allowed one day after the surgery while outdoor but they required eye shields.

General activities such as reading, working on the computer, watching TV are generally allowed a day after the surgery but you should use eye drops.